This website will, over time, show what I am working on, learning about, or creating in TeX and LaTeX. Feel free to follow my journey, read the articles and posts or download any resources I upload here.

Recent Blog Posts

  • ReadableCV
    ReadableCV is a LaTeX class which I have created in order to allow anyone who wishes to use it a free and simple way of creating an easy-to-read CV. This will be important when the company are looking through hundreds of applications. Version 3.0 [14th January 2021] Improved spacing some more, updated to allow different page sizes, altered some internal layout and structure, fixed a couple of bugs. Version 2.1 [18th May 2020] Improved spacing, updated fonts and default colour….

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  • Learn what TeX and LaTeX are
    If you don’t know what TeX or LaTeX are yet they are typesetting languages. These languages help you to concentrate on the content of your message and then they format it in a why which looks attractive. Whilst there are plenty of sites on the internet which will explain what these typesetting languages are, and what they do, the best place to find out more, and download the software, is https://www.latex-project.org/.

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